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The Wedding

Whether you are having a traditional wedding or a short ceremony, your special day deserves the music of your choice. Most weddings can be divided into the following sections.


A Selection of music, approximately 20 minutes long, while guests are seated.


The processional consists of the entrance of the wedding party. This may include the grandparents, the groom, the bridal party and finally the bride. You may select up to three pieces to accompany your party. The most common arrangement is to have one piece for the entire party and one piece for the bride. There is an option to have one piece for grandparents, parents and groom with groomsmen, one piece for the bridal party and one piece for the bride.

Ceremony (optional)

Whether you are having a traditional service or a short ceremony, you may choose to add music throughout your special event. For a traditional mass you may enjoy music during the offertory and communion along with the signing of the documents. For a ceremony, there is the option to have music during a ceremonial getsure such as sand pouring, candle lighting or hand binding.

The Recessional

Music to celebrate your new union! Choose a piece to escort you and your partner out the doors on your new journey. 


Serenade your guests as they exit the venue! You may choose to have an additional 10 minutes of music to entertain your guests as they make their way out of the ceremony.

We will work with you and your musical desires to tailor the exact sound that you want at your special event. Check out the "Repertoire" page for ideas and suggestions. We are happy to design the music for you based on our years of experience, or work with you in your specific vision. One thing you can count on, the music for your special event will be beautiful and will enhance your day and the memories in the years to come!

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